June 1- Mr. White sponsors its first event! #Classy!

June 1, was awesome.

Mr White Set up at Mantelier event june 1

This was our first time showcasing our product to a live public. We were not selling at this event, merely informing a beautiful local crowd (and beautiful they were indeed!) our intentions to launch a crowdfunding effort in July. What was the event you ask? We were sponsor of the Mantelier soins au masculin event.


 Mantelier is a one-stop-shop for men’s grooming services, from hair cuts to hot towel shaves to manicure, pedicure and facials (all while enjoying a glass of something good). Mantelier has successfully completed its first year of business here in Montreal’s internationally known old port and this called for celebration. What better way to do this than to gather the city’s believers in the curated man? Alongside our presence, other local rising stars such as Nathon Kong’s Tailor 2 Go services and more established players such as Porsche Canada and beard grooming products lifestyle brand Brave & Bearded with their addictive slogan “be brave, don’t shave”.

The event was host to a burlesque show, some beverages of course and a series of entertainment acts such as a sax playing homage tracks over a DJ. Oh yeah, and did I mention beautiful people?

As for Mr. White, we came up with gentlemanly British look, including an antique tufted leather chair and a red phone booth complete with London street sign.

We were excited to get to speak one-on-one with the public and get people’s feedback, comments and gage their interest. Overall, it was a great opportunity to get out there and get involved with our public! We can’t wait to do it again, but for now the focus is on the crowdfunding campaign. Stay tuned!

Stay #dapper!


 The team Mr White entrepreneurs and sidetrepreneurs

You can find out more about the cool brands mentioned here: