Get inspired gents! Mahershala Ali dresses dapper on and off the set! 👔

Mahershala Ali – From political strong arm to Marvel bad boy: always #dapper!

Oakland, California born Mahershala Ali is on track to becoming a household name, as hard as it may be to pronounce…you should get use to saying it, cause he ain’t going nowhere! We zoom in on his style on and off the screen on this episode of “dress like a celebrity”.

I first came to take note of Mahershala in his awesome role as House of Cards power-shaker-slash-table-turner Remy Danton. Although he had been around in other roles, this is the one that really spoke out to me the most. I mean who else can perform classy gritty like this guy? Dressed to the nines and cool as a cat, even when the tables turn, Remy got to get that upper hand. The muscle without using the muscle. Just his baritone voice and ice stare is enough to make you reconsider. Clean cut suits and fresh-pressed shirts like they made them on his back, it goes without saying.

Pursuant to his inherent natural coolness, you can find Mahershala in the Marvel series Luke Cage, playing bad boy Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. This time more aggressive than in House of Cards, he does also show his vulnerable side. Regardless, it’s the code that I’m getting at, the dress code that is. Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky (website) perfected this look with all types of accessories from the classy hats, to three piece suits and tie pins, this dark antagonist is sharp and cunning with the details.

So I was itching to see how Frank Underwood’s secret weapon rocked the scene when he’s off the screen. It was no surprise of course, to see him dapperly clever in a series of hats and three piece suits. But my favorite is definitely his take on the floral pattern blazer, paired with an extreme cutaway collar, (hidden buttons) buttoned up with no tie. Bold. Classy. Different. 

Check out what we found in our clippings! And get inspired fellas!
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