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Martin Freeman- This guy dresses like a celebrity!

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In this issue of “dress like a celebrity”, we decided to have a close look at the man behind Dr. Watson! No really! If I were to judge this man’s code by the 2 roles I’ve known him to be awesome at, I might fall short of imagination of how he dresses in the real world. Martin Freeman may be best known for his role as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, but I have been more of a fan of his since his role in the British investigative crime drama Sherlock alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

It was while I re-watched (in marathon-mode) the entire Sherlock series in preparation for the new series 4 to air starting this January, that I really took note of the main characters’ conscientious attention to their attires. Albeit with the help of the set’s creative directors, I couldn’t help but to be intrigued by what these gentlemen may possibly wear in their quotidian.

With the obviously well-polished Mycroft, and the seemingly redundant yet always sharply-dressed Sherlock, it was not until I watched the last episode The Abominable Bride that I started to take note of Dr. Watson’s dress code.

The Abominable Bride is set in late 1800’s London, complete with an array of perfectly executed costumes fitting of the era. In this episode, Dr. Watson is just killing it! Club collar shirts by the mile, thick wools, clever hats, tie pins and tie clips- you name it! If not already part of his character, the cane just accentuated his flair for accessories. Spot on! Oh yeah, and the double Albert pocket watch chain!? Like I said, just killing it!

So I searched the net to see what he wears outside of work, and I found out he is indeed a clever dresser outside Middle Earth! Check out some of the random clippings I found online.
Enjoy, get creative and stay #dapper
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Martin Freeman