We have liftoff! Kickstarter = Sept 20 !

9.20.2016 – Mr. White will be live on Kickstarter

Mr White Kickstarter launch

Well there you have it ladies and gents! We’ve been on this past for nearly 2 years! And although it seems like we have arrived here, it is but a start. Our vision is slowly materializing and I cannot thank you all enough for following our progress from far and close!

It is not without challenges that we have gotten this far, and by all means we do not consider this far at all. But these incremental milestones are so important for us in building our dream, that we need make the most of it! "Tthe goal is only half as interesting as the road that leads to it!” We are firm believers.

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you our Kickstarter Campaign will go live on September 20th! And we are delivering just in time for x-mas!

What is Kickstarter? It is a crowdfunding platform. What is crowdfunding you are asking (I am a mind reader)? It is a means to raise funds for ideas, in exchange for actual product instead of equity. We set an objective to achieve, and if we obtain sufficient pledges (numerous supporting purchases by backers just like you) to meet that objective; we go into production. If we do not meet our objective, you (backers) will not be charged and we will not go into production. It’s that simple.

Today, I thank you for your continued support and ask that you pursue our adventure with us by either, sharing or pledging (or hopefully both) our project on Kickstarter. It will take you no time and will mean the world to us to get your support. Treat yourself or a loved one, they will make a unique gift this x-mas!

Save the date! Sept 20 2016! The link will be posted on our web page!

Mr. White