+100% funded first day on Kickstarter? WOW! What else can we say?

Over 100% funded first day on Kickstarter!

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Overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received in the first 24 hours of the campaign, we are speechless! The only words that come to mind is WOW, and THANK YOU!

At the start of this journey, we knew that it would not be easy. We weren’t reusing a product that existed already. We weren’t doing this full time. There were no guarantees of success. We weren’t backed by any investments. We knew nothing of the industry itself. It would have seemed like a daring adventure. And it was.

But fast forward to 2 years later and here we are! Armed with a truck load of motivation and so much acquired experience we were confident for our launch. But this?! Is amazing! It is a validation, a confirmation and an inspiration! How else can we feel but to be honored by the support of our Kickstarter backers? We are truly humbled! So thank you to those who have contributed directly and indirectly, those that continue to support, and our future supporters…we owe it all to you.

Remember, you are not backing just a product. You are backing an idea, a vision, and a brand…a dream.

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Max & Jay