And then there was light...

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In its darkest days shine the smallest ideas. From a dissident time in our lives, when a business venture proved more complicated than anticipated, arose a new concept. This concept would put on hold our original aspirations, whilst putting in place what we had learnt. If there was one way I could sum it up for you all; keep it simple.

My buddy and I have been entrepreneur-minded but caged in the nine-to-five world for too long. Nearly 2 years ago, we decided to partner up and join forces after a few failed solo attempts to break free. You see it takes much to take the first steps, not unlike a child with his hands in a swaying frenzy in front for guidance and fear of falling. So it meant the world for us to take a small step towards our aspiration. After 15 years working in the corporate jungle bureaucracy; we were excited, but we weren’t quitting our day jobs just yet.

So with full of ambition and some frustrations, we set sail for a venture that would see the making of men’s luxury garments made in North America. This proved to be extremely difficult given the scarcity of expertise in what we set out to build and the limited accessibility to the materials we were looking for. After a year and a half of much research, investment and effort: we decided that we needed to make things…. a little more simple. Just to be clear, we didn’t quit. We adjusted.  

And then there was light…

It may seem obvious in retrospect, but the sheer satisfaction of seeing our products in progression proved to be a huge motivation. In making our Mr. White accessories, we simplified things a whole lot form the initial concept, which meant we were able to see progress much earlier on in the business development. Witnessing your designs come to life is just euphoric really. After each step of the production process we felt a new high….It was amazing. And as I write to you my friends the products have yet to be 100% finalized but I am so much more of a believer than I could have ever been when working on something with a trillion steps. And so juxtaposed to my 65 hour work week, my motivation is fueled by the small gains we are making; the logos, the hardware, the web site, the content, the social medial sites, the feedback; all crucial elements to keep alive this hunger that is too easily stuffed by the normalities of our routine.

To be continued…


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