Closing off a good year, leads way to a new one

mr White lapel pin silver new year progress

Oh man! That New Year is right around the corner, and I can’t stop thinking about the launch! We are dead set on making the official launch in this upcoming year. The wind gusts in the right direction and we’ve put in the work. The details are being worked out, still a couple items to iron out, but all in all…I’d like to say that we have kicked some ass. Jason has been steadfast with the vision, I’ve been hard-core with the setup of the business and together we have set the ship ready for the big journey. It’s all essentially a great act of coordination. “Un coup de théatre” if you will…a mish-mash of deciphering treasure maps and washed-up blueprints, ill-equipped with a broken compass and ever-changing winds that force for adapted maneuvers. It’s not easy, figuring out what to do and most importantly, when. But then again, if it were easy…it wouldn’t be fun!

So then, with but a few days left and on the final stretch to the New Year, we look back at some of our achievements, and we gear up for some real work.

In the last months, we were able to amass a decent following on our social media sites, totalling almost 11,000 followers! Super exciting. We also managed to finalize all of our designs, and produce hard samples of each item in silver and in gold. We have set up a good looking web site with payment systems, managed to do some PR and took delivery of some 400 Mr White branded pocket squares.

Now looking forward; January has been sketched-out and since we figure we are about 1 month late on our progress-meter, we’ll have to double the effort in the upcoming weeks. We still need; to finalize the custom packaging, get another order of pocket squares in, finalize the web site, test the Instagram campaigns we have planned, get some professional product shots and set up the Kickstarter campaign…and obviously I am sparing you the details as well as some of our secret plans. Nonetheless, there is still lots of work to be done, and so we are taking this opportunity of the holiday breaks to get some stuff done.

Here’s to closing off a great year and opening up a new one with a bang! Happy holidays everyone and remember; it don’t come easy. So if you have big objectives in the New Year my friends, put the work in. Cheers